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    Turkey on DriftwoodVoted the "Most Talented" in her graduating class, art has always came easy for Doris Hunter.  Doris is a fifth generation Macon County native who has been making Pine cone birds for over 30 years from natural materials found in the area.  The idea of making pine cone birds came when Doris attended a workshop and saw a demonstration on making them.  She went home and practiced on a few and the idea literally "took off".  However, making the birds proved to be a lot of work.  After many years of hitting the road each weekend doing craft shows, Doris finally developed a great standing of customers who collect her unique creations.  Many of her long time customers buy new arrangements for their collections each year and some bring in old ones in to be refreshed.  By making and selling the pine cone birds over the years, Doris was able to survive as a single mother and put all three of her kids through college.  Doris has recently expanded her talents by taking up watercolor painting.  A recent hip replacement gave her the downtime to expand her painting abilities.  Although she is not known for her paintings, they adorn the homes of her family and close friends.  She has some limited edition prints available in her display.     

   Doris and her family have been promoting her Mountain Artisans art and craft shows for close to 20 years in the Franklin area.  In 2005 the opportunity to go to a larger venue became available and Mountain Artisans moved to the Ramsey Center in Cullowhee, NC.  This move will allow for better conditions for both customers and the artists who will be displaying.  Look for Doris's birds in booth A-1 in both the "Summertime" and "Hard Candy Christmas" shows.