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    Doris on Lake FontannaMaking a living on what most others consider debris is what natural materials artist Doris Hunter has done for the past 30 years.  Doris is able to create unique one of a kind works of art from such materials as driftwood, pinecones, cornhusks, Polk berry seeds and cotton burrs.  Doris uses driftwood found on local lakes such as Fontana in Graham Co. and Nantahala in Macon Co.  She searches for pine cones in remote locations from such species as the Norway spruce or the Frazier fir trees.  The eyes of her creations are from the Polk berry weed found in the Mountain in the the summertime.  The wings of many of her birds are from the cotton burrs found in the piedmont of NC and Georgia after the cotton has been harvested. 

Each bird has its own unique characteristic as no two are the same.  The arrangements are placed on pieces of driftwood and or mountain laurel branches to be displayed in your home or office.  Doris has her birds on display at her Mountain Artisans Craft Shows.  If you are in need of an arrangement for a special gift, then contact doris at or (828)369-8320