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Small Beginnings :
     The Mountain Artisans Art & Craft Shows started in  Macon County in 1987.  Only 8 artisans exhibited at the first Christmas show in Franklin, NC. 
We never imagined that, down the road, we were headed to the wonderful Ramsey Center on the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee,  North Carolina!
     It is a dream come true.  As the years have flown by, more and more artisans wanted a good place to sell their hand work and  joined us.  So many of our small businesses have been sent overseas, but there are no imports here.  The southern craftsman is alive and well in this area.  Many of the heritage crafts are handed down from the older generation. 
 Look for heritage crafts such as quilting, clay art, folk dolls, corn shuck flowers, goat milk soap and primitive furniture that was inspired from past generations.  A heritage broom straw maker will be here this year .


You will find it all here.

     Mountain Artisans Art and Crafts Shows provide a marketplace for customers and artisans to meet.  It is an amazing collection under one roof.  You would have to visit dozens of  shows to find what I have gathered at one place.

     Cullowhee, North Carolina is home to the Western Carolina University.  On the campus is the Ramsey Center arena that boasts 18,000 square feet of climate controlled comfort for everyone.  It is home to the Catamount's basketball games but two times each year, they move over for our craft shows.  A great set up crew makes it all look easy for me. 

     Quaint Cullowhee Valley nestles off Highway 107 that runs up to Cashiers, North Carolina  from Sylva.  It is a stop off the Southern Highroads Trail  highway. All around are big, soft mountains. A foot bridge crosses the Cullowhee Creek to get to the show from the parking lot.  It is peaceful to your soul just  to be here.  Click on the map to see how to get to Cullowhee NC from Asheville, Cherokee, and Atlanta.


   WHAT IS A 'HARD CANDY CHRISTMAS' ,ANYWAY? Christmas in the mountains has always been celebrated with many traditions from our Scotch Irish and German ancestors. Money was scarce so imagination had to be depended on for gifts  for each other .Many of the children born after the Great War ,remember lean Christmases. But no matter ,we always  got a stocking (or shoe box) filled with apples, oranges ,nuts and always hard candy. At our house ,when  we became more prosperous , a big tin of ribbon candy, in different flavors, came mail order,  from Sears and Roebuck. We waited with great anticipation for the Sears Christmas catalog to arrive . 

It became common ,of this period , to call it a 'Hard Candy Christmas " if money was scarce. Parents planned all year to make special gifts using materials at hand. What a delight to receive a box of Granny's Tea Cakes  . They have never been duplicated .One year ,she made my Dad a stack dried apple cake using a recipe that was passed down from her mother. Our Christmas trees were cedars from the neighbor's  sagebrush patch or road side. Our house was cleaned for a week before the evergreens and holly  from the fields were brought in to decorate the old farm house I grew up in . I remember the year my brothers came home from the war and brought the first bubble lights ,I ever saw. It was during this time that I knew Jesus was the Savior and understood why Christmas was so important for the world. The Christmas Spirit came to me, just a little girl, and wrapped me in love  . Because of this wonderful season ,I  want to preserve and share  the traditions of  a mountain Christmas  like I grew up with :fresh greenery ,gingerbread baking and hand crafted items ,made one at a time . The 'Hard Candy Christmas ' was born in my heart .There is no event like it ,anywhere; but it  did not happen in a day .Thank you for all you customers who have appreciated and  supported my efforts over the  last 30 years It has been a joy to bring this show to you .

 Joy to the world, the Lord has come . Doris Hunter, mountain girl artist and  show producer


828 -524 3405 ,Doris


The show consists of craftsmen  inside and outside the Ramsey Center building:

Outside Artists: The sidewalk and surrounding area leading up to the big Catamount door entrance has a sample of the quality artisans inside.  Look for the following outside exhibitors:       

  • First up is  Woodcraftsman, Jerry Stanley NC Mountains Outdoor Furniture, with Adirondack chairs, swings, birdhouses (for real birds )and patio furniture . All constructed with Western Red Cedar and Cypress wood and stainless steel nails, will be on the corner again with a quality selection for your house. 
  • Stacy Redmon  Red Rock Photo Art captures the mountain area with an artistic eye.  Look for his Christmas collection of the four seasons. 
  • Kathy Cirkus  BackWoods Bakery's specialty is fine, organic, Artisan Bread  made with stone-milled flour and baked in a wood fired  oven. She will have special offerings for this season : gingerbread houses and cookies, sugar plums drops to dream about and more .





  • Kyle Owen Mountain chainsaw man  is returning with wood carvings and rustic furniture .
  • Pam Fullerton / Larry Young Sweet Pea Crafters is a duo that will bring carved walking sticks and Pam's neatly  sewn  bags and more.
  • Wallace and Donna Cole Gourds Galore take the simple gourd and turns them into little masterpieces of fancy birdhouses and feeders.



  • Ed Hudgins Saw Mill Tables is here again with his beautiful, rustic tables ,priced right .
  • MaixueVangLeeCraft is new this year with Beanie Babies and amazing hand crafted accessories.
  • .  David Dick David's Handi Work is very unique pots and vases, draped in concrete. Also wood trays .(Hand draped Concrete  Jardinie'res )
  • Sara Shields StarrBlazeGlassWorks  is a master glass blower and will have globes and more for the collectors .

     Rick Leonard Wood Turned Bowls, Trays, Cutting Boards is new this show . Welcome Rick .

      I looked everywhere for a Mountain Bee keeper and found Mike Gecewicz CarolinaBeeFarm with sourwood, wild flower and the neatest  lye soap ever.

     Remember Michelle Allen Scents of the Universe ? She will be back with Cinnamon Dried fruit ropes and essential oils.

    Joe Bartlett makes New England Country Furniture .Look for him on the sidewalk to the right .


      Rob Radford is new this year with his Cherokee Heritage Art. Look  for his Flutes, Carvings and more.

     I was hoping Margaret Suddereth and Barbara St .Germain would be back with their Fluffy Snowmen Wreaths and Decorations . And here   they are ! Welcome .

      Kelly Allred  BlueFlourBakery is a new  holiday cookie, maker this year. She is going to make our holidays sweeter .

    Welcome .

      Leigh Eavenson  Solid Cement Creations is new this year with bowls,planters,votives and garden art .

       Larry M. Hill (We do re do ) specializes in vintage lamps, cedar tables and wall sconces and more .

       Ken DeRico's Smoky Mountain Kettle Corn is bringing delicious popcorn that is always just right .

      Amanda Watkins makes an interesting assortment of wood burning ornaments , She will be personalizing and demonstrating her art while you watch .

         Come inside.  The entrance tunnel has some exciting exhibitors:

 Larry Haskett and Evelyn Sanborn Awe Natural Wreaths will be returning with fresh mountain Greenery wreaths and more . This show, they will have more everlasting wreaths to offer you . (Each year A&E Tree Farm provides the big 'Hard Candy Christmas "tree in the lobby .)
  • First artisan inside the door is favored potter Sue Malsnee.  She has many area collectors of her work who look for her unique creations at this show.  They will be glad to find her  nature designs and original glazes.
  • Dogwood Crafters will be selling samples from their unique shop. They feature quality handcrafts from the mountain area. Visit their shop in Dillsboro, NC.
  • Tom Livingston's Piece by Piece Intarsia takes many kinds of wood and shapes them into amazing  pictures.  He will have some neat choices for special giving or dressing up your home.


  • Bobby Bearden Recycled Yard Art ! Who turns gas cans into fun pigs that fly better than Bobby Bearden ? He will have a neat collection  to bring smiles to your garden.    
  • Neal Hearn Boxes by Neal is coming back with his Christmas  collection of fused glass boxes and hanging panels with natural gemstones . He always sells out of his unique art
  • .


         Arena: It is 18,000 sq feet of warm, comfortable shopping area.

  • Good live music brings cheer!  There will be live, guitar music floating from the fingers of Macon County's Ronnie Evans.  He plays the old songs that we remember.  He will be selling his CD's to enjoy all year.

The pottery section includes :

  • Customers looking for  Kim von Hedemann will be so happy to find  Click for larger imageClay Critters, back .Kim combines her love of cartoons and animals for this adorable art.  She captures a whole menagerie  with clay on mugs and trinket boxes.



  • Balsam Mountain's Ann Suggs Stone house Pottery will be here with her Christmas  collection ! She is working on some snowmen luminaries right now .

Mike and Cindy Hart Hartworks Stoneware will be back for all their collectors.


  • Robby RalleyMilton's Mugs is talent galore ! He will have new face jugs and
  • his blue glazed  pieces
  • .
  • Award winning  Cory Plott Plottware Pottery is coming back for this show His cream and blue pieces are sharp this year !



Specialty foods and  sweets:

  • Terri Cook's Delightful Dips customers line up for more of  Terri's homemade dips, mixes and southern meat rubs.

     Lin Johnson Mimi's Mountain Mixes is back with beer baking mixes . 

      Scotty M. Ellis Cold Mountain Toffee presents delicious toffee from a secret family recipe.  Her peppermint flavor only comes out for         Christmas !

      Betty Davis CranberryHollow customers will be glad to stock up for the holidays from her tasty mixes .

      Renea Allison Honey Roasted Nuts are the perfect size to tuck into stockings for a crunchy treat  .

      Jessica De Marco CopperPotTraditions is a favorite with strawberry jam, pickles and other yummy treats.  

  • Pamela  Reagan Maple Springs Confectionery specializes in Maple candy and yummies galore. Welcome


        Heritage Soap:

  • Bill Reed Freedom Farms is coming back with his popular goat milk soap and  personal grooming accessories .
  • Laura Craig  Shade Tree Farm  soap maker always has  delicious new flavors and products.
  • Cindi and Randy Beaver SleepyHollowFarm specializes in Goldenseals and  many things herbal : soaps ,herbal oils, extracts and natural products for your well being .

       Other special crafts : Bonnie and Denny Wallace have a big selection of lighted Christmas boxes ,wreaths and wood turning  by Denny.

     Dawn Maberly Jusbclause has hand painted pet ornaments and  hydrostone santas .

       Connie Gregory makes hard to find pinecone wreaths and other just Connie creations.

    Michael K Malak Antler Mike will be back with his Antler Art ,Lamps and Chandeliers .

     Billy Reynolds MountainCarverwill be 'wowing' us with his latest sculptures.

     Anita Jones DesertSonProductions has digital Photography, decorative frames and 'Life Boxes".

  • Heritage Artisan ,    Betty Cabe  is making adorable Smoky Mountain Boutique Bears this year . Momma and  all the cousins will be coming  for the bear collectors. She will have some corn shuck flowers and dolls, too.


  • Elly Davey Bird in Hand is almost famous for little folk figure with hickory nut heads and don't forget her whimsies.  She has many collectors who look for new creations each show.
  • Alva Houston  was our 'Featured Artist" last 2016  "Summertime " show.  Her little mountain folk dolls will be joined with snowmen gourd art and fresh canned jams and jellies from her summer garden.
  • Roberta Brown-Roberts Pressed Flower Art  is  our Featured Artist this 2017 "Summertime" show.  She has the garden lovers favorite! They are going to love framed bouquets of  pressed flowers, grown in her own garden.
  • Look for Tommy Hill with his hand tooled leatherwork. Replace that old wallet with a new one.
  • Just in : David Pruitt has something new for a few customers" Nativity Scenes ! This specialty collection has several sizes to choose from.
  • He will also have his Christmas collection of little log homes and churches . He was (2016  Featured Artist! Another Place In Time .Wife Silvia  Pruitt ,will have  hard to find  hanging kitchen towels and  coasters.
  • Suzanne Summers has  a flair to swirl  brilliant colors using ink and alcohol . Here comes her Christmas collection
  •  Polly Wells Bread Clay Ornaments and miniatures creates little masterpieces with dough clay .
  • Bud Werdelin makes an assortment of Christmas ornaments  and decorations.
  • Mike Wilson Blade Maker is a master knife maker . His tomato slicer is a favorite and mainstay for summer canning.
  • Blue Ribbon Winner Bill Radford Little Feather presents his Cherokee heritage craft : Shown his gorget shell carving . knives and  pendants,also. He won 5 ribbons at the 2017 Cherokee Fall Fair. Congratulations ,Bill.
  • Karen H. Monteith  presents Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery .Get a signed copy.
  •  Sandy Jackson presents greeting cards and his publications .
  • Monica Hoerl Rosemaling will be back with European Folk Painting.
  • Dan Donaldson Broom Brothers is a master broom maker . He will have Cob Sweepers ,Bridal Brooms and decorative brooms
  • .
  • James BoxermanJim'sLeathercraft has a good selection of all things leather .
  • Phyllis  Lambert Bloomin'Plates creates garden art using vintage plates and saucers .
  • Heather and Matthew Lowder will be introducing soy candles scented with your favorite essential oils
  • Linda Brown yummy soy candles with fruit slices
  •  Marker Mountain Herb Farm will be bring soaps ,candles, tea   and gleaning from their mountain farm.

        We are honored to have Carolina  authors with their productions :

  •  Roy Owenby Mountain Author "The Owl Knows" is a mystery thriller  set on the Blue Ridge Parkway. What does the owl know?
  • Karen Monteith author of Christmas children's books . Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery. Get an autographed copy
  • Sandy Jackson also has his  publishings, cards and more .


     Regnia Ford MountainMemoriesArt will be back with her original window paintings and ornaments.

      Jeanne Mack Southern Scenes collectors will be expecting her Christmas collection . Her animal and landscapes   go fast . 

 Wendy Griffin hand paints on glass and wood . Holiday Art is her favorite.

  •  Look online for my friend  Michael M Roger's , Click for a larger imagefavorite watercolorist and avid hiker, will be Sharing the Beauty of  his beloved mountains in his latest DVD of waterfalls and wild flowers. Visit his new online store at  www.michaelmrogersfineart.com You can purchase original art work, prints and photography on canvas.

    The Fabric and Fiber Art categories are looking good :

  • Dora Reynolds  Designer Tableware is a hit each show with her bright colorful fabric plates and bowls.  She will have her Christmas collection  of winter birds and  Christmas  prints .
  • Eva Tolotti Lara's Butterflies is working right now to have a lovely collection for special someone .
  • William and Nancy Smith have crafted accessories for fiber artists and project bags and more .
  • Here comes Ginger Rutland Gingerbread Land Christmas quilts, ornaments, dolls and table runners.
  •  Barbara and Kevin Quinn  J and C Crafts have a big selection of embroidered towels, and caps.
  • Donna McCarthy Tiera Tina is an artist in fiber.  She has alpaca socks and accessories.
  • Tonya Johnson She'sCrafty  Let's see what this talented lady has made for us for the holidays .
  • Sue Dial  HarvestMoon Handspun and Clay Cat is a multi talented lady .
  • Karen Blair Guided Path of the Wolf is a mother-daughter team who have quality handcrafted items
  • Mary Jo Brown is a returning favorite for cold weather necessities.
  • Karen Allen SewUnique sews quilts, ornaments, placemats and more.
  • Debbie and Larry Bennett Out Of The Drawer Quilts will be bringing hand crafted bags of various sizes.
  • Hannah AdcockCabin Fever Craft will be bringing her old fashioned rag rugs, baskets and ornaments .
  • Sharon Drewyor All things Knitted just in time for winter .
  • Rena Wilkins Old Fashioned Rag Rugs will be demonstrating this vanishing art. She has new colors ,also.

    We have  a talented duo who craft Christmas Characters and Father Christmas Dolls . Belenda and Dennis Slate

        are going to delight collectors with their talent .

  •   . Belenda placed 3rd in the Professional Doll Maker's Guild this Spring. Congratulations and welcome ,Belinda and Dennis.



  • Beverly Borchardt will have more space for her  Christmas  selection of quilted wall hangings and accessories.
  • Susan Kennedy's quilted purses are collector's pieces. Drop by to see what's new for giving or you !. Don't forget Mark's photography taken on their travels. 
  • Sabrina Miller and Janet Bennett  Beads and Bags Boutique team up to make handcrafted bags, scarves and matching fun jewelry and more .
  •  Sharon K Drewyor is back for the Christmas season  with all things knitted. Get warm stuff  for winter chills.
  • Alicia BoppLildarlindesigns  makes favorites for your Lil Darlin": hair bows, tutus,  bibs and baby accessories.

    The Glass Artists Category :

  • Cindy ParksCold Mountain Bling has been delayed until 2018 Her Stained Glass, Jewelry and nite lites  are popular  .
  • Dick Covalinski and Wil Baker Stained Glass and eclectic art
  •  Julie BoisseauWildPonyStudio creates functional and wearable glass and clay .
  •     Carla M Beam creates Broken Glass Suncatchers and Barnwood Bird Feeders from reclaimed sources.

     The wood craftsmen at this show : Wood toys  are coming: David S. Hedrick ,master toy maker ,will have trucks, trains and more.

  •  Tonia Cannon Balsam Mountain Wood Works will be here with scroll saw work and original designs.
  • Ken Rudd's Custom Woodwork has a big following.  He has worked all year to  have potato boxes, cans and accessory furniture
  • Steve Simonelli Simonelli Fine Woodcraft always pleases his customers with fine wood pieces made one at a time for them.
  • Carson and Sonjia Gibson  create lovely stack jewelry boxes and snowmen . Welcome
  • Steve and Karen Waldroop The Wagon Peddler makes  racks for your essential oils , Aspen Candles and quilt racks ,too
  • .
  • KeithWood Wood Pecker craft presents fine tables and the most unique plant stands I have ever seen .
  • Big news! Dick Crowder is coming with his wood silhouettes .
  • Dennis and Judy Wilkey Judy's Gems and Wood have the best 'turned' gift items to be found, pens, ice cream scoopers and more
  • Tammy Bellefeuil taught herself to turn wood. Her Platters, bowls and vases are first class.

      Our Mountain Photographers are 'tops"

  • Ed Green Macon Green Photo has amazing shots of the Elk herds in the Smokies. He has prints and greeting cards of many mountain      themed views.
  • Stacy Redmon Red Rock Photo wows his customers with mountain themes. Spring, summer, winter and fall;  small and large sizes. Look for him outside .
  • Jason Rizzo Fine Art Photo captures the mountain beauty with an artist eye.
  • Gary C. Galbrecht  Art, Photos and , palm frond reindeer (let's see that is ) and sculpture.


We have some of the most skilled jewelers from our area and far away.

  • Jaqueline Hatch Native American Jewelry artisan with original pieces and bullet bling.
  • Angel Hudgins Hudgins Designs is back this year with unique, cool designs for the 20 something crowd.
  • Coming back is Jacolyn Campbell,  Campbell Designs  master wire wrapper. She will have chain maile styles and gem trees, also.
  • Lavada Anderson BornAgainCreations has some fine vintage silverware (and found items)  creations .Welcome Billy and Lavada !
  • Ciara DeNardo LittleWoodlander Leather Jewelry. The leather cuffs with metal inset are hand stamped. They have cowhide clutches and fabric bags with leather accents.
  • Kelli PerryWinterSunRising has lovely fused glass jewelry that are one of a kind .
  • Big News !! Our favorite Janet Anderson Wild Fired Glass Studio is coming back after a time off to repair her back. Welcome .She has fused glass wearables and ornaments . Welcome back ,Janet .


The 2017 'Hard Candy Christmas " Crafts Show is filled for this year, I believe it it the best one yet. I have outdone myself with quality exhibitors . I can hardly wait for you to see it all together..  Thank you for shopping from regional  American artisans and craftsmen ! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018 !


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