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Celebrating the American craftsmen.

MOUNTAIN ARTISANS FINE ART AND FINE CRAFT SHOWS ... "WHERE ALL THE GOOD ARTISTS ARE ".......You will find  the work of some of the area's most unique artisans. 


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Small Beginnings :
   The Mountain Artisans Art & Craft Shows started in  Macon County in 1987.  Only 8 artisans exhibited at the first Christmas craft show in Franklin.  We never imagined that, down the road, we were headed to  the wonderful Ramsey Center on the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee,  North Carolina!
   It is just a dream come true. As the years have flown by, more and more artisans wanted a good place to sell their hand work and  joined us.
   So many of our small businesses have been sent overseas but there are no imports here. The southern  craftsman is alive and well in this area.  Many of the heritage crafts are handed down from the older generation. The quilting, pine needle baskets, blacksmithing, clay art, folk dolls, corn shuck flowers, broom corn brooms, carved spirit sticks, and primitive furniture were inspired from past generations.

 You will find it all here.

   Mountain Artisans Art and Crafts Shows provide a marketplace for customers and artisan to meet.  It is an amazing collection under one roof.  You would have to visit dozens of  shows to find what I have gathered at one place.

   Cullowhee, North Carolina is home to the Western Carolina University. On the campus is the Ramsey Center  arena that boasts 18,000 square feet of climate controlled comfort for everyone.  A great set up crew makes this big event happen for me two times each year. 

 Quaint Cullowhee Valley  nestles off Highway 107 that runs up to Cashiers, North Carolina  from Sylva.  It is a stop off the Southern Highroads Trail  highway.

All around are big, soft mountains.  A foot bridge crosses the Cullowhee Creek to get to the show from the parking lot.  It is peaceful to your soul to be here.

  Every year,  I run the wheels off my little car visiting many of the areas craft shows (sometimes three or four a day!) to find these unique artisans.  I hand out information and get to know as many as possible.  Not every craft is right for this area but I feel confident each exhibitor selected is outstanding in their field.

Fall is here !

I have made my annual trip to Barber's Orchard  to pick the sweetest apples for the big, white oak basket on the entrance table!  I found Galas, Red and Yellow Delicious, Rome, and special Pink Lady variety.  They are safely tucked away in the chiller until show week when I will fetch them for all the visitors to enjoy.

The hard candy is already bought, too,  It will spill over from our family antique jar placed beside the apples.

 It brings to mind the celebration of Christmas in our big family that included a stocking with apples, oranges and hard candy.  A true "mountain Christmas tradition ".  The best gifts were handmade with love.   I have brought this spirit to life again with the finest local and regional artisans .

Come have a crisp apple, hard candy piece and catch the Christmas spirit! 


        For this show, 99% of the artists are in the building's main arena but a few exhibitors prefer to be outside.

Outside Exhibitors for 'Hard Candy Christmas'

The sidewalk leading up to the big Catamount door entrance has a sample of the quality artisans inside.  Look for:

  • Doreyl Ammons, who will be demonstrating pastel paintings, is preparing some new creations for this year's show.  Look for small limited edition fine art prints under non-reflective glass on a stand. The art includes details from her new mural: trillium, larkspur, butterflies, birds, horses and  groundhogs. There will be townscapes, landscapes and even Santa's! 
  • Wesley Angel's blacksmith creations will be on the corner.  His  hand forged candlestick twists are favorites for the  holidays.  He has added  mirrors and nature designs in candle holders too.  He will be showing some of his skills as he demonstrates this vanishing  heritage craft.
  • His daughter Colleen Angel is very talented too.  She will be showing off her painted furniture,  next door to her dad.
  • Right beside them is Ken Di Rico's Smoky Mountain delicious kettle popcorn. (I sample popcorn from many places and his is "tops").
  • John Bauknecht will be back with his chain saw carved bears.  He has designed them into lamps, and signs.  He has walking sticks, too.  Brother Fred will be demonstrating carving and always sells whatever he is carving at the show.  (Listen for his boom box playing out favorite holiday tunes!)
  • Flo Smiley's Wild Mountain Crafts is new this year with her rock candles. They add a warm glow and rustic touch with no drips.  Her dream catchers really do catch bad dreams  so check them out.
  •  John Bowen's  personalized home signs that set on little piers were popular last November.  Get ready to order more for your second cabin or hard-to-buy-for friends.
  •  Michelle Leigh will be back with the dried fruit ropes.  She sold out after the first day last year.  She has promised enough for the second day if you missed getting one!
  • Shari Reaves is new this year with the corn bags that can be micro waved or frozen for relief of pain.  Her mother will be making handmade scarves.

Inside Exhibitors 

The entrance tunnel has some exciting exhibitors :

   First artisan inside the door is  favored potter,  Sue Malsnee.  She has many area collectors of her work. They will be glad to find her newest designs and original glazes.

   Larry Haskett and Evelyn will be working overtime shaping lots of fresh mountain greenery wreaths to sell at this show.  They weave holly, mistletoe and creeping pine found up on the mountain into each one.  Larry's  tree farm provides the "Hard Candy" Frasier Fir  tree that we enjoy in the lobby Before long,  My grandchildren and I will be going up to "Little Canada" to pick the right one for this year's show.    

  •  Back with his folk art is Bobby Bearden, creator of kerosene can creatures and other  recycled inventions.  He will be bringing his newest garden art.
  • Dogwood Crafters  from Dillsboro will be selling samples from their unique shop. They feature handcrafts from the mountain area, also.
  •  Anita Walling's  Clay Alchemy has clay and porcelain pinch pots.  (You are going to love her delicate designs)
  • A new talent in our area is Joshua Grant from Whittier.  This young man makes and plays  handcrafted banjoes!  If you ever thought to learn, here is your chance.  
  • On the corner is Ken and Martha Campbell place. We just heard that Martha has passed away after a sudden illness.  All prayers and cards  are appreciated for Ken.  He will be exhibiting his trivet key keepers and textile products at this show .


  • The Arena:
  • Ornament collectors , you have come to the right place :
  •  You may have seen the  two snowmen buddies riding in the little wagon on our promotion ads. This is part of my private collection of poly clay sculpture of artist Diane Nunn Small Wonders Clay. She was an exhibitor with us before the show moved to Cullowhee.  I am so happy to have her back as the featured artist this year.  She will have a good selection of ornaments,  pins and miniatures. Welcome to Cullowhee, Diane!
  •  Another holiday favorite, who only comes in November, is  Linda Barton with her felt ornaments. She will have school themes as well as other classics.
  • A fine mountain artisan is Debbie Trantham Fiber Dream Santa's.  She raises  Cotswold sheep. Their unusual wool looks like curly beards that end up on her  life size Appalachian Father Christmas dolls and ornaments . There will be a  spinning wool demonstration at her booth, too. (Last year, I purchased two of her hand knitted tams for some special girls. They loved them.)
  • Barbara Keys is a Georgia artist and long time friend.  Her creations are special.  I have talked her into coming with her Christmas ornaments and little painting.  Welcome,  Barbara!
  • Lori Cagle ,an artist who tole paints ornaments, will be adding  rag rugs to her display this year.
  • We finally found a Christmas decorations maker! She is Valerie Holden.  Her table pieces and wreaths will make your house so festive.  Welcome Valerie to Cullowhee.
  • Another wreath maker from Rutherfordton County is Susan Thomas.  She has all year designs,  not just Christmas.
  • Ashley Saunders makes  hand "marbled" Christmas ball ornaments. They make the perfect office gift.


  • Good live holiday music puts everyone in the spirit!
  • There will be  live guitar music floating from the fingers of  Macon County's Ronnie Evans.  He will be playing old and new holiday tunes and selling his cd's.

          The pottery section includes :

  • Mike & Cindi Hart's Hartworks Stoneware Pottery  with the pinecone imprints will be here.  Collectors will not have to drive far to add to their collection.
  • Jo Lynn Matthews is a talented  potter from Bryson City.
  • Kim Ross has hand built and wheel thrown pottery.


We have a good selection of specialty foods and  sweets :

  • Kathy Nash Serendipity will be back with her heirloom nut brittle goodies.  It is a fast seller.  
  • Terri Cook's Delightful Dips was a hit last show and will be back with her homemade dips, mixes and southern meat rubs. (I noticed lime chiffon pie mix on her web site). 
  •  A new food vendor from Tennessee is House of Douglas Bakery.  Linda will be bringing Scottish and Irish breads, and scones to take home.
  • Betty Davis' Cranberry Hollow dips and mixes are new this show.  I have a packet of Garden Bacon to stir into sour cream.  It smells scrumptious!
  • Does blackberry jelly and strawberry jam sound good?  Robyn Brechbill  Mountaincreekcreations is bringing fresh jams, jellies and pickles  picked from Tusquittee Farm where she lives. She will have special soaps and other inventive products.


  • The doggies of the family will not be left out this Christmas!  Sherry Kobilis Whisker Biscuits South make  handmade  dog treats just in time for  stocking fillers.  Wait until Spot gets his own stocking stuffed with yum yums!
  •  Scotty Ellis Cold Mountain Toffee maker will be bringing  his lovingly made, surprisingly soft and delicious
  • candy.  It is from an old family recipe with 7 flavors.
  • Remember the jams and  pickles from  Jessica DeMarco Copper Pots and Wooden Spoon last year?
  • You will be glad she is coming back with a new crop of goodies to enjoy .
  • Jerry Edwards Castlerock Honey is a bee keeper that will be bringing all kinds of honey and a line of cosmetics from the sweet stuff !
  • Some of our heritage crafts are:
  • Good news ! We have a pine needle basket maker coming !
  •  The Indians made the first pine needle baskets 9,000 years ago.  Al Graves  has learned the art well.  His needle baskets are finely crafted. You are going to be impressed.
  •  Dan Donaldson - Broom Brothers is coming back with his  almost famous corn broom  creations. He will have web sweepers, functional and decorative styles. The whole family will enjoy watching a broom being made from scratch
  • Corn shuck flowers date back to the early settlers. Betty Cabe is preserving this heritage craft .She will demonstrating and selling her colorful bouquets. (I hope some shuck dolls and angels).
  • Bill Reed Freedom Farms is making his popular goat milk soap like crazy to have enough for the Christmas customers.
  • Carmen O'Dell's Made by Willing Hands soap is made for delicate skin.  She will be here only once a year so stock up at this show !
  • My long time friend, Laura Nelle Goebel is a quilter of much skill. She is a fellow member of the Southern Highlands Handcraft Guild.  She will be presenting some new creations like pillows and vests.  She can answer your questions if you are interested in beginning quilting.
  • Elly Davey is a perennial favorite  folk artist with her whimsy folk dolls. She adds new creations each show.
  •  Mondy and Karen Carter Soulshinecandles are coming  for both days with their beeswax candles and ornaments. You are going to enjoy this hard to find craft all year !
  •  Laura Shelkner is a wool hook rug artisan who is busy, busy  making her signature felted pins (like the one I wear on my sweater in the fall) and other items.
  • Jerry Spears Wool Junction is  also a wool artisan who has a different slant on wool hooking.  She will be selling her rug hook kits and art wools that may be draped as shawls.

     Other special crafts :

  • Tennessee mountain sculpture, Billy Reynolds, will be back with unique pieces for those who collect his work. (He had a horse sculpture at the last show that was blue ribbon quality ).
  •  Another talented Tennessee artisan exhibiting is  Mike Malak with his popular antler art and lamps.
  • Jennifer Hayden Out on a limb is a metal artist from the piedmont area .She is new this year.  Welcome Jennifer!
  • Darlene and Frank Marker's Marker Mountain Herb and Flower Farm is coming back with soy candles, spices and various teas
  • Lori Wright Moonshine Mountain Candles make handcrafted soy candles and rustic furniture.  
  • Tommy Hill from Hendersonville will be returning with quality leather craft.  Replace that old wallet with a new one for the new year.
  • Phil Feinberg Rockin' One Knives makes pieces of art handmade kitchen knives.  (They will be visiting family for the holidays and decided to exhibit their fine wares while here). Welcome to Cullowhee .
  • The glass category is well represented :
  •  Janet Anderson Wild Fired Glass Art is an artisan of the highest acclaim. She will have a good selection of fused ornaments  and lamp worked jewelry for all her faithful customers.
  • Another fine glass artisan is Lori King Carey Casual Creations.  She has fused jewelry and slumped plates and bowls.
  • Welcome also  to Lynn Kirby Splendor in the Glass. She will have wind chimes, wall art, masks, and night lights.
  • Returning Katie (Did It) Kopp, also a glass artisans of 3d glass pieces.
  • Cyndi Gorskey Artistic Bottle Art is new this show with etched and painted bottle art.

We have attracted some wonderful  fine artists and painters for this show such as:

  • Alan R Young ,will be back with his award winning  wildlife art.
  • Jeanne Mack , a popular southern artist, will  be back with originals and giclees. She is a cat lover/rescuer also.
  • The most original art I have found anywhere is Robin Lumpkin's tin roof barn art.  She creates wonderful designs from rustic throwaways perfect for your cabin. Welcome Robin !(Click Folk Art tab on her web site to see samples )
  • Macon County's own watercolorist, Michael M. Rogers http://www.sharethebeauty.tv will be bringing his annual gallery open house presentations to our show! He was one of the first artist who started this show with me  in 1987.  He is an avid hiker of the trails of our beautiful area. Come with him as he captures waterfalls,  flowers and views on canvas and video. You will  be able to take a piece of our mountains back home with you
  • A western Carolina photographer, Elaine Haskett will be presenting her framed and matted shots.  See the mountains in a whole new light.
  • Another  new artist is Christine Bernard. She has wonderful note cards, and paintings.
  • Carolyn Cordell is a mixed media artist.  She will be back in her little gallery with metal paintings, mobiles and jewelry.
  • A new artist this show is unique, Georgia artist, Michele Alcock,  Micheles Garden Girls. With dried flower petals and things found in nature, she creates dainty garden ladies. See her on facebook.com/micheles garden girls.  
  • The fabric art category is looking is looking good :
  •  Susan Kennedy: quilted designer purses and Mark's photography.
  •  Gretchen Branning: purses each one created from a man's neck tie.
  •  Norma Jean Corhn: 18' inch doll dresses and holiday ornaments.
  • Have you been thinking that it would be nice to have that new grandchild a satin Christmas stocking not made in china ? Margot Dale Emley Crafted has the perfect one. She sews  heirloom Christmas stockings and felted wool trees Welcome Margot.
  • Also new this show is Tracy Duncan with sewing arts i.e. purses and accessories.
  • Martha Shanks Nozama Hats makes designer felted hats. This is your opportunity to have one or two at her prices!
  • Sharon Petersen Looziefloozie doll maker is coming back !
  • Her talented friend, Tara Melton Miller will be sharing her space. Tara makes mixed media art. Her wire trees are taking off !
  •  Jeanne Henderson is coming back with her upholstery fabric handbags.


  • The wood craftsmen at this show are some of the best around:


  • AW Ruff from Flat Rock is coming back with mountain toys ancutting boards priced to afford two!
  • Welcome Michael and Sue Litaker , wood artists.
  • Dennis and Judy Wilkey: wood craft gifts and jewelry,
  • Brad Smith Canterbury Cobblers:  designer cutting boards &  small boxes.
  • Ron Thompson: wood turning, (He is sure to have those apple wood bowls I love)
  • Ken Rudd: furniture, trash bins, priced right.
  • Steve Simonelli: fine wood furniture. Wife, Colette will be bringing her own redecorated Christmas accessories Let's see what this is ! .
  • David Pruitt makes little log houses to scale.  (They may hide a clock) Sylvia will bring her special wreaths, too.
  • Welcome back Gary Morris with his scroll saw art .He make the hard to find puzzles and other delights.
  • William and Debra Dinschel are new this year with refurbished furniture with bark and other accessories. Welcome Dinschel  family


  • And we have unique artisans who make other one of a kind crafts :


  • Dora Reynolds is a hit each show with her bright colorful fabric plates and bowls.  Look for Christmas and winter bird themes this time.
  • Animals from recycled railroad spikes ? Yes, a whole farm from Rich and Rhonda Peters.  Coppins Critters You will love these  little creatures! They were a hit in the summer show and you can get more if you missed someone on the gift list !
  • Mountain lady Christy Edwards is working after teaching school each day to make her stuffed sheep from old quilts and chenille fabric. 
  • Lauren Faulkenberry is a print maker and book artist. What talent !
  • Mom Cathy Faulkenberry tattersall dolls will be sharing her booth. Cathy has been making the Southern belle, Charleston Flower Lady and the bride and many more since 1995. Welcome to the Faulkenberry family to Cullowhee.


  • If you are a collector of William H Roy's folk art, you will want to know that he is retiring and taking life easier.  He will have his creations at special prices at what might be his last show with us.  Look for him on the left in the arena .

  • The knitters are in vogue right now:
  • Eva Tolotti:  Laura's Butterflies scarves .
  • William T.  & Nancy Smith: shawls, yarn, pins and accessories.
  • Johnetta Heil The Plaid Sheep: weavings for the home and wear.
  • Joan Naylor was here last year with her hand made  scarves. She is coming back  with even more selections.
  • Ann Eastabrooks Scarf Lady of WNC hand weaves beautiful scarves. She will only be here for this show.
  • Mary Jo Brown Molly's Attic  crochets some sensible mittens, gloves, warm hats and baby booties.


  • We have some of the most skilled jewelers from our area and far away:


  • The Ledbetters are coming all the way from Alabama with their silver spoon jewelry collection.
  •  Joy Whitney Nature, Beads and Wire: nature beading and wire designs.
  •  Brenda Winburn: original jewelry.
  •  Ellen Speed  makes amazing accessories from soda cans. What fun!  
  •  Jan Nethery,  natural designs.
  •  Virginia Bohanan makes ladies and children fun jewelry.
  • Donna Raines Artworkzstudio is a fine wire wrapper.  She is coming a long way to bring her skillful designs!

      Thank you for buying crafts from our American artisans.  

                The 2013 "Hard Candy Christmas" show is full. Stay tuned.


Promoter, artist, and White House Artisan, Doris Hunter, combs through many craft shows each year, looking for the best talent available.  She invites special artisans who make unusual craft.

Her own craft, pine cone birds, can be seen at her home studio in Franklin, N.C.  It is the only place in the world you can find her famous hummingbirds that graced the White House Christmas Tree in 2002.


 Selective customers eagerly anticipate the wide assortment of original work from the hands of 100 + artists at the  "SUMMERTIME" (July 4 week end ) show and the perennial favorite the "HARD CANDY CHRISTMAS" always the Friday and Saturday  after Thanksgiving!

     At both shows  you can purchase an original painting or a piece of rustic furniture for your mountain home and meet the artist who created  it!  



Some of the artist represented at the "Mountain Artisans" Shows



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