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   Where is Cullowhee??








Tom Livingston, 2018 Featured Artist, has charmed everyone with his amazing Intarsia. It is pictures made from various  native wood. Each kind is a different color. He absolutely 'paints with wood " . 

Current Show Exhibitor List


      Alva Houston - Dolls 'Hard Candy Christmas '



Betty Cabe - Corn Shuck Dolls


Sharon Petterson - Loozie Floozy Dolls

"Hard Candy Christmas "


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Current Show Exhibitor List


Small Beginnings :
     The Mountain Artisans Art & Craft Shows started in  Macon County in 1987.  Only 8 artisans exhibited at the first Christmas show in Franklin, NC. 
We never imagined that, down the road, we were headed to the wonderful Ramsey Center on the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee,  North Carolina!
     It is a dream come true.  As the years have flown by, more and more artisans wanted a good place to sell their hand work and  joined us.  So many of our small businesses have been sent overseas, but there are no imports here.  The southern craftsman is alive and well in this area.  Many of the heritage crafts are handed down from the older generation. 
The quilting,  blacksmithing, clay art, folk dolls, corn shuck flowers, broom corn brooms,  and primitive furniture were inspired from past generations. 


You will find it all here.

     Mountain Artisans Art and Crafts Shows provide a marketplace for customers and artisans to meet.  It is an amazing collection under one roof.  You would have to visit dozens of  shows to find what I have gathered at one place.

     Cullowhee, North Carolina is home to the Western Carolina University.  On the campus is the Ramsey Center arena that boasts 18,000 square feet of climate controlled comfort for everyone.  It is home to the Catamount's basketball games but two times each year, they move over for our craft shows.  A great set up crew makes it all look easy for me. 

     Quaint Cullowhee Valley nestles off Highway 107 that runs up to Cashiers, North Carolina  from Sylva.  It is a stop off the Southern Highroads Trail  highway. All around are big, soft mountains. A foot bridge crosses the Cullowhee Creek to get to the show from the parking lot.  It is peaceful to your soul just  to be here.  Click on the map to see how to get to Cullowhee NC from Asheville, Cherokee, and Atlanta.



Notes from the Show Promoter - The show consists of exhibitors  inside and outside the building.

Outside Artists: The sidewalk and surrounding area leading up to the big Catamount door entrance has a sample of the quality artisans inside.  Look for the following :      

  • Ken Di Rico's Smoky Mountain  delicious kettle popcorn will be back.  New, this year is crispy Pork Skins .
  • Beside them, is woodcraftsman, Jerry Stanley NC Mountains Outdoor Furniture with Adirondack chairs, swings, birdhouses (for real birds) and more.  He  constructs all  with Western Red Cedar, stainless steel nails and blue ribbon quality. 
  •  AW Ruff makes the best Blue Bird boxes around .He also makes Mountain Toys and Cutting Boards at the right price .
  • Jan Kleinrath Jan's All things Canvas will be back with her Hats, Travel Purses and more. Check her booth before going to the beach !
  •   Stacy Redmon RedRock Photo will be featuring new snaps  of North Carolina's beauty  .
  •   Michael Roberts MrMetalWorks is a fine Metal Artisan . He specializes in Wind Spinners and Unique Yard Art .
  •   Looks like Bobby Bearden's Original Yard Art is going to make the scene this time. He creates Recycled Pieces that are such fun. New this year is his alligators .
  •   Artist Michelle Ellis Mountain Art is framed in  Chestnut wood .  I especially like her paintings of chickens and trains from the Bryson City area. She will be here on Saturday only. 
  • Cory Plott  award winning PlottWearPottery will be right outside the door with a summer collection of his fine wheel clay art. Congratulations to the Plott family .They have a new baby boy ! He is a doll .
  • Marleen DeNardo LittleWoodLander has cool Leather Jewelry, hand stamped .
  • Brad Mechum has some painted,  carved art that is one of a kind .
  • Cowee Quilting Bee  will be showing  how it has been done for generations  . Someone will win this year's raffle quilt .The traditional pattern called "Churn Dash or Monkey Wrench )Buy several chances for a good cause .



  • Sam Johnson Master Bamboo Fly Rod Maker . What can I say? We are honored to have a demonstration of the fine art of heirloom rod making. It is sure to  fascinate and inspire the  Serious Fly Fisherman among us . He is a member of the Southern Highlands Guild  and often demonstrates for  them . But ,we have him for one day . He will be showing some of his secrets when he had rather be testing his  latest  creation on the Tuck . Welcome Sam!
  • Kyle J. Owen, Mountain Man, has made some rustic mountain benches and more  for your cabin .


  •      Come inside. The  entrance tunnel has some exciting exhibitors:



  • Sue Malsnee is a favorite potter . She has many area collectors  who look for her unique creations at this show.  They will be glad to find her romantic, summer  designs and original glazes.
  • Tyler Martino is a budding craftsman who attends school at WCU . We want to give him a hand up for future growth in the art community His medium is natural materials .  
  • Kim and Laura DeWeese BareNaturals are  coming with unique Rustic Tables, Benches, Cheese Boards and Lazy Susans.
  •  Kathy Kobos JiffyMom is a super Crotchetier . She is working right now on fashion items like ladies shawls, ponchos, and body dresses just for you . 


  • Good live music brings cheer!  There will be  live  guitar music floating from the fingers of  Macon County's Ronnie Evans.   He will be selling his CD's to enjoy all year. He brings  some of the music  we grew up with.

        The pottery section includes :

  • Kim Von Hedemann Clay Critters  are coming back for summer show :Adorable  lady bugs, cats and bears  and more on mugs and trinket boxes. You are going to have to have three of these!
  •  Ann Suggs Stonehouse Pottery. We welcome Ann with her individual style for summer .
  • Do you remember the Cabin Fever Pottery by Barb Bates from last year ? She is returning with her summer collection .
  • And lamps ,too ,will be here .
  • Jane Willis MasterPottersClay is a mountain artisan who imprints faith on her work. She will be at the Christmas show .

Specialty foods and  sweets

  • Don Mandlekorn GreenMountainMaple . If you are out of delicious Maple Syrup, help is on the way !

      Heritage Soap:

  • Bill Reed Freedom Farms is coming back with his popular goat milk soap and his personal grooming accessories.
  • Laura Craig  Shade Tree Farm soap maker, will have some new, delicious new flavors.
  •       Doll Makers:
  • Janet Collins comes a long way to bring her colorful Rag Dolls ,not just the red and blue style.
  • Corn shuck flowers date back to the early settlers. Heritage Artisan, Betty Cabe, is preserving this vanishing  craft.  She will demonstrating and selling her Colorful Bouquets and Dolls. I bet there will be Smoky Mountain Bears .too. 
  • Elly Davey Bird in Hand is skipping this summer show but will be back for the November show. She is almost famous for her little folk figure with hickory nut heads and don't forget her  whimsies.  She has many collectors who look for new creations each show.
  •  Alva Houston makes folk dolls with hickory nut heads . She may be having surgery in summer  but be back for Christmas .

Other special crafts : Mike and Sharon Smithwick only come to 'Summertime' show with their Wine Bottle Lanterns and wood art.

   Roberta Brown Roberts Pressed Flower Art is looking for the first flowers of summer for her framed pictures...Her garden will be producing pansy, roses and daisy blooms for new dried , Petal Paintings .

    Neal Hearn BoxesByNeal is already planning his summer collection of Handcrafted Boxes with Gem Stones and Fused Glass  Pieces. They sell fast    so come early.

  • Look for Tommy Hill with his quality Leatherwork. He has made the perfect
  •  gift for someone special. I love my neck purse he made me last year.
  •  I hear that  David Pruitt  Another Place In Time  is working on  Little White Churches for the summer customers.    Wife, Silvia Pruitt will have  her handwork.  
  •  Roy Owenby is coming with his mountain stories and his latest Novels .
  • Barb Haun  is a mixed media artist :Baskets, Wood crafts and Glass engravings .
  • Tina Clark Tinas Original makes Fountains from Vintage Collectables. She has some surprises for this year's show .
  • Denny and Bonnie Wallace Greasy Branch Crafts  are bringing their summer collection of Silk Arrangements  . Denny's rustic chairs with real flowers in the seat  is a fast seller. His Turned Vases are one of a kind .
  • Connie Gregory  Cat's Meow Pinecone Creations  are going to be back .Also fabric and wood items.
  • Suzanne Summers Original Suzanne Art delights your eye with her explosion of color .
  • Tonya Vannoy is a craftwoman  in TinArt . Look for Tonya's Tins on Facebook. Her Luminaries are special .
  • Tina Brown SavvySigns  paints Bears and Fun Stuff you will love .
  • Renee Hockensmith Hockensmith Mountain Art has her summer collection of Alcohol Ink, Resin, and Polymer Art. Welcome Renee.
  • Wendy Griffith hand paints  art on wood and glass . She will be back with her summer collection  of Animals, Birds and Flowers .
  •  John and Angela Gray TheBackyard Barn have amazing Gourd Art ,Bowls and Birdhouses . You are going to love this .

     We have attracted some wonderful  photographers :

  •   Ed Green Macon Photos is a creative photographer of the Smoky Mountain elk herds and surrounding points of interest.
  •   Stacy Redmon RedRockPhoto ,outside.
  • Fabric and Fiber category includes :
  •  If I had small grandchildren again, I would purchase a fun Teepee for them , from Brenda Fuqua LindsaysLoft .She also crafts Canvas Wall Banners and Baby Swings .
  • Michael P. Riordan HopeLeatherProducts is a leather slipper maker! His work is superb. Welcome Mr and Mrs Riordan   to Cullowhee.
  • Lois Baker CreekSongQuilts will be new this year with lovely, fine quilts and Machine embroidery.
  • Bev Borchardt has a following who watches for her latest quilted  wall hanging and accessories.
  • Linda Levy is always at the summer show with her quilted hangings, quilts and more.
  • .
  • Henri Moon lilywindgifts is a skilled creator of Soft Bunnies ,Fur Babies, Hooded Towels and baby gifts. Welcome Henri .
  • Glenise Ward StoneBridgeLane makes Handcrafted Journals and Original cards .
  • Dora Reynolds  Designer Tableware is a hit each show with her bright, colorful, Fabric Plates and bowls.  She will have her summer collection  of  birds and  summer  flower  themes.
  • New this year is fabric artist ,Judy Britton Firefly Cove Creations . Her Wildlife pillows are original . Look for her Blue Ridge Mountain Wall Hangings . Welcome, Judy .
  • Knot Just Country Nina M Hutchins is a fine seamstress who will bring baby items, kitchen accessories and bears and dolls.
  •  Debby Eve Loflin HandbagzandGladragz  makes Leather Handbags and Accessories . Check her web site .Welcome Debby .
  • Dawn Wick  Smoky Mountain Studio has creations with her own Lamp Works Beads. Slumped glass art and mixed media will be at this show .
  • Dorothy Owen Grandmas Dot's Critters has found her talent :Lions, bears .elephants, and whimsical pigs  will make you smile and make great gifts . Her hubby is on his way with his wood burning plaques that are perfect for the cabin .
  • Diane Blazer Artistic Designs makes decorated Visors and neat Denim Neck Purses.

 The wood craftsmen at this show are some of the best around:

  • Ken Rudd's customers sells his tables, potato boxes and waste cans as fast as he can get them up here. Hardly any woodcrafter makes solid wood  products ,anymore.
  • Steve Simonelli's fine, fine wood craft and his beautiful rocker chairs and boxes will be here.
  •  New this year is Robert SetzerWood Turnings by Robert . He makes hard to find  Rocking Horses as well as neat wood crafts.
  • I have found a new woodcraftsman who makes amazing children's toys, models and more. You are going to be impressed with
  •  Mike Holden AWC  Woods has some handcrafted toys and models that you are not going
  •  to believe !
  • Another form of 'painting with wood' is Marquetry . Beth and Allen Woody make small, decorative wood turning pictures that are wonderful. . Welcome to Cullowhee!
  •  Eric Hanan Hanan's Carves Vessels. He is truly an artist  in wood .
  •  Fred and Stephanie Kelly Kelly Family Arts is coming with a treasure trove of Handcrafted Wood Art. How about hand-chopped dough Bowls, Walking Sticks, Wood Burned Ornaments and more .
  • Greg and Rosemary RhodesPeakwoodworkingdesigns make Wood Wall Decor . You can get a fine replica of our Stars and Stripes that lasts forever.
  • Steve Simmerman is bringing  his  illustrators and prints . Welcome Steve .

      William Menyas  is a Soapstone Carver  . Welcome William .Can't wait to see your work .



We have some of the most skilled jewelers from our area and far away:

  • Angel Hudgins Hudgins Designs is back this year with Hand Stamped  Jewelry in  cool designs for the 20 something crowd.
  • Coming back is Jacolyn Campbell,  Master Wire Wrapper .She will have chain maille styles, also.
  • Nancy Leigh  Vivian and Silvias will be back with her Copper Pounded Designs and original gemstone jewelry.
  • Billy and Lavada Anderson BornAgainJewelry  creations  from vintage silverware. 
  • Jean Covington Bead in Love is presenting her  custom  hand made bead work.
  • Becky Smith Silver Work and Design won Best of Show at Mountain Heritage Day (last Saturday of September ,WCU Campus )last year .

        Her original designs will be here . Welcome Becky .

  • Kim Plotkin HumbleBumbleBeads is a magician  with Fused Glass Beads .


 Thank you for making 'Summertime'  your first stop for original arts and crafts at great prices! The American artists and craftsmen are still making  beautiful things with our hands and our hearts just for you! See you there !

 PS  We have a major change of dates for this year's 'Hard Candy Christmas' : Look for us the Saturday ,December 1 and Sunday 2  ,same time, same

place !

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